King Koahi, an American with Jamaican roots and Rastafarian morals of living was born Denroy Morgan III in Springfield MA on May 4th, 1990. Son of two spectacular individuals Annicia Banks (Mother) A back up vocalist for well-known reggae icons such as Dennis Brown, Judy Mowatt, & Sister Carol. She’s also done studio work with other known figures like Freddy McGreger and even did a show with the most famous reggae icon of all Bob Marley at a Rastafarian organization called 12 Tribe. Denroy Morgan JR (Father) the First son to the reggae icon Denroy Morgan (Mr. I’ll do anything for you). Denroy Morgan JR is the 4th oldest child of thirty two, oldest boy of fifteen, and was the lead drummer for the legendary Recording Reggae Group “Morgan Heritage“ Also known as the Royal Family of Reggae from 1982-1995. 

Being the 7th child for Miss Banks and the 1st for Mr. Morgan, the two set out to make a better life for their child and children by leaving the state of New York and moving to the state of Massachusetts right before King Koahi was born. Given the name “Koahch” (Koh-awch) from his grandfather coming from the Hebrew bible, meaning “strength” was given that name with a hopeful conscience that he would live out his life being strength to his parents and to everyone else around him. 

At the age of two, his parents couldn’t help but to realize they had a special child in King Koahi when he learned how to ride a two wheeler bike. But it wasn’t the fact that he learned how to ride a bike, what’s most impressive is who and how many children, teens, and even grown-ups learned how to ride after he did. Solidifying his role as a leader at a tender age, having such a music oriented family, doing music would only rub off on Koahi in a matter of time. Then in 1998 at the age of eight, Koahi recorded his first track “back-a-yard”. Not knowing what making music is really about, it was just something fun for him to do at the time along with playing sports like soccer and basketball. But his childhood took a drastic turn with the split of his parents, his father having legal issues, and his mother still touring the world. Koahi had to become a more responsible son and more of a reliable adult figure for his three younger siblings that lived with him. 

By 2005 Koahi was use- to being the man of the house and getting ready to hit the high school scene attending The High School of Science And Technology and graduating in 2009 being ranked 33rd in the state of Massachusetts, a Western Mass Basketball finalist, and was part of putting a banner up in his school’s gym for the first time in school history. Later that year bringing his talents to the state of New Hampshire where he was training two summers prior with a New Hampshire superstar and JMU alumni & icon David Cooper. Getting accepted into Hesser College, a private college that relished on their academics, Koahi became a student that earned a 3.2gpa and a student that earned a spot on the dean’s list. He also helped Hesser’s basketball team ( coached by David Cooper ) make an appearance to the final four in their YSCC conference, being the fourth leading scorer on the team averaging 11 PPG, 3 rebounds, 1 steal, & 2 turnovers. But after that season and freshman year Koahi was forced to look into finding another school to attend because Hesser decided to diminished all men’s and woman sports becoming an all-academic college. 

During that summer of 2010 while looking for another school to attend Koahi began to exploit his talent to write and rhyme. Writing poetry and writing life experiences along with his point of view of things made it easier for him to write how he felt and his thoughts down on paper. Becoming comfortable with writing, in no time he began to record. Having to go back to school, after a semester Koahi ended up withdrawing from school and coming back home along with beginning his music career fulltime. Influenced by musicians and rappers like Bob Marley, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, and even older groups Earth Wind & Fire and The O’Jays etc. Not knowing what the music has to offer or what it’s going to bring, koahi just wanted to do something that he loved. Being a true student of the music and sensitive to everything going on around him, gives him the humble mentality to be patient and keep working hard, bringing forth cultural and relevant music. “What I’ve learned on the basketball court is what I apply to my music, and that’s what gives me the persistence to keep pushing and wanting to mold my talents to the best of my ability”.


King Koahi ft Prola Fm FNB : No Trouble